Sequence charts for eye‑tracking visualization

Easily upload data from your eye-tracker software. The app will automatically create an interactive sequence chart (scarf plot) from eye gaze data for free.

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GazePlotter scarf plot (sequence chart) for eye-tracking data

About GazePlotter

Suggest features & report bugs

GazePlotter is still in active development. If you have any suggestions or you found a bug, please let me know via mail. I will be happy to hear from you.

Works with Tobii, SMI & more

Just upload data from an eye-tracker software you use. The app will create an interactive sequence chart and other analysis from eye gaze data for you.

Which files to upload?

Server-less processing

GazePlotter does not store your data on a server, thus ensuring data privacy. All processing is done in your browser. You can use it on PCs, Macs, tablets, even off-line!

How to download GazePlotter?